Monday 4 July 2011

Generally about the car

 Well, as some of you may know I purchaed a Chrysler Grand Voyager  CRD 2.8 LX CRV. Which I've got to say I'm really impressed with, and for quite a decent price. OK its a big american bus, drinks diesel like its going out of fasion and parking is a bit tricky. But on the plus side, there are loads of gadgets, which always interests me.

So in this one, I've found (It wasn't sold avertising any of these great features, so this was a great surprise when we went to take a look at it at the dealership):

  • Electric sliding rear doors
  • Electric boot open/close
  • Electric rear windows (the sticky out type, not up/down type)
  • DVD TV in the ceiling with 2x infra-red headphones and remote-control
  • Separate video/audio in for console/tv tuner
  • CD head-unit, switchable between DVD player and CD/Radio (So DVD can be on via headphones only, rest of speakers on your CD/Radio channel)
  • Retractable wing-mirrors
  • Auto-dimming rear view mirror
  • A/C climate control
  • Trip computer, compass, temperature, etc
  • Removable rear seats (the two in the middle are individual recliners, the 3-seat in the back like a couch!)
  • 2-setting driver seat/mirror system setup by the remote unlock fob
  • Loads of 12v cigarette-style power sockets (driver side optionally changed from ignition to permanent on)
  • Auxiliary in-car heater (diesel burner)



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