Wednesday 27 July 2011

MORE Twitter Spam (More Replies from Twitter)

 So, I got another reply from Twitter in relation to my complaint that they're not really reading my replies, and I have actually got somebody who seems to understand what I'm after, but not quite in the context of "There is something wrong, please investigate". Here's the reply I've got:


@Kessel about 18 hours ago

Dear Twitter User:


If you are requesting your own Twitter account information, please fax us a signed request providing consent to disclosure for specific information (e.g., IP logs), including the username (e.g., @Safety and and email address on the account, along with a scanned copy of your valid, government-issued photo ID to 1-415-222-9958.


We will send a request-for-consent email to the email address of record for the account, to which you will have to respond affirmatively. Receipt of an appropriate request and an affirmative response to the request-for-consent email will authorize us to release your information.


Regards, "



Hm, So now what do I do, shall I jump through their hoops and see what happens, as I'm really getting curious now what information they'll give to me, and if it will actually give an insight into whats going on!



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