Monday 8 August 2011

More info on Twitter hacks - Twitter itself vulnerable?

 Well, as some of you have been following I've been puzzling and wondering how/why I've had 'hacks' from twitter, and whats going on over there as I suspect the hacks are a little deeper than just my account.

Over the weekend I noticed one of my friends had got hacked and a similar message to mine appeared in their timeline. Out of interest, their twitter name starts with D, so I'm still suspecting this 'hack' is working its way through the alphabet, will be intersting to watch that.

Anyway, this persons timeline showed on mine and my partners list as she had mentioned it to me originally, so I let the person know to change their password and check it out. After 15 minutes they managed to get online and check, and the post had gone, all by itself. It still showed on my cached timeline, but as soon as I refreshed it disappeared.

Now to me there is only one explanation why/how it could have appeared and disappeared by itself. That its twitter itself that has an exploit/vulnerability that somebody somewhere is exploiting, and twitter know about it, cannot patch/fix it (for whatever reason) and have a clean-up routine that goes around 'fixing' the problem by deleting the posts. Now this is ALL assumption and guess-work, but to me its the most plausible reason at present.

So I'm still watching my timelines, watching to see if that application gets automatically added to my approved application lists again and see what happens. If you get/see anything similar in your timeline, or anyone you follow please do get in touch with me, as I'd like to collate/compile the findings.



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