Wednesday 13 June 2012

UK Cookie Law

 UK Cookie Law Compliance.

Well the ICO have required all EU websites that use cookies to apply a compliance method on the 26th May 2012. What my views are on this? Well if you want to accept cookies, your browser will accept them. If you don't you set your browser to NOT accept cookies and you're done. But apparently that isn't the 'right' way according to the ICO's techs, so all website authors, operators, etc, have to do something a bit different. In most cases you have to block the cookies until you get confirmation from the user. However these have been updated and now gives us the option of implied consent which gives us a little simpler option to take here. We'll implement this on the website here, basically by visiting the site you are accepting that we will use cookies to assist in the website experience, however if you do not login or provide account details then this information will simply be used for statistical analysis and production of website usability.

The above is basically our cookie policy for this website, the website is a not-for-proft, hobbyist site and so the use of cookies are simply for user statistics, or where a user registers for easing their use of the site/login/administration.


(PS: You'll also notice at the bottom-right of the website my cookiecontrol compliance, this is a nifty little free add-on that helps you with the compliance, its from if you want one!)

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