Friday 22 July 2016

Fencing and outdoor stuff

Well over the past few weeks myself and my dad have been working on the fence at the back of the house. It's been a while in coming, over 2 years ago we bought this house from the developers and there wasn't a dividing fence between us and one of our neighbours (Just a few posts and rails to show the marker) and so this summer I decided it really was about time to get a bit of privacy and security to the house.
I'd kind of planned on how much it was going to cost us, pricing up timber, screws, etc, and it wasn't a cheap amount, the area was quite large to cover and especially as I wanted to 'cover' more of the other areas.

It's probably easier to show a before photo to explain what I was doing:

Along the left was the original fence post and rails put in do divide between us and the neighbours. Then along the back was this half wall half fence (Those neighbours path was at the brick height, so when walking along they were clearly visible) which the gaps inbetween the panels.
This was another thing I wanted to tackle, I wanted to block out the gaps, so decided to 'back' panel these fences and completely cover using my own fencing material the gaps.
So the job involved putting new posts in along the left (Quite easy, long fence posts, some postcrete that you just pour in dry into the hole and fill with water) and then create and attach the rails. Getting the height and position of the rails took a little work, then each of the wooden panels needed cutting and fitting to the right height.
The rear 'back' panel covers weren't too bad, just cut to the right height and then pushing them so they sit snugly.

Here's an in-progress shot:
As you can see the back panels are all in and covering nicely with my own fencing. The left posts and initial rails were in place (the two supports were just whilst the postcrete set fully).

We've now put in most of the panels on the left fence and just have the final parts of the posts and rails to continue down the side of the house.
After all of that, we then need to paint them as we want a slightly darker wood stain colouring on them, so plenty of tubs and paint brushes will be needed soon!

All in all, a lot of work, but I'm pleased with the effort and again much more satisfied doing the job ourselves than getting somebody else in to do it. It is true, DIY becomes a bit of a hobby and something I look forward to doing now.


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