Tuesday 17 January 2017

Needing motivation?

So it's January and we've just got past the "Blue Monday" which is the Monday in January that most people feel depressed.
I'm not sure why or who decided it was "Blue Monday", this is like a lot of days that are randomly created and often leave me wondering, who did that, why did they do it and give it that name, or what motivated them to create a negative day?
My usual thoughts turn to the media and in many cases this is true, the news media always appear to be looking for a reason to report on something, so this one seems a good choice, you can pick pretty much any person walking down the street and talk to them on depression, needing motivation or wanting something a little better, so hardly surprising that it's a keen topic of conversation.

This is where I start to think, what motivation are we talking about here, to be motivated is a simple set of words and when you think about it, we're always motivated. Motivated to go and do something (Perhaps not something we want to do, but we know we should or have to), motivated to apply something, motivated to eat something, motivated to go somewhere, all sorts, so lacking motivation sounds more and more like a buzzword dreamt up in a dodgy corporate board room to use.

So, my thoughts on needing motivation? Surely you already have motivation, look around you, you probably have all the motivation and drive you need to achieve something but just haven't done it yet. That's OK too, we can't do everything we want or feel motivated to do, so just keep doing what you're doing! (Oh and ignore the media trying to tell you to be depressed, unhappy or otherwise, choose your own emotion and ignore the mainstream media news outlets a little more, it really does help ignoring them for a short time!)

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