Thursday 27 April 2017

Garden upgrades

It's that time again, heading towards summer and the sunshine in the UK tempting us to go out into the garden. So I've decided that this year we need to make more of the garden, so far it's got grass, a few plants around the borders and a shed, nothing very exciting. Occasionally I pull the BBQ out but we've not really got anywhere nice to sit and relax, or use the garden very much, especially with the UK climate being a bit cold and where we live a bit windy.

So the plan is to improve the garden, and several ideas have popped up, the first to build a corner/seating area in the garden. The simplest way to do this is to use old shipping palettes, use them as the base and then cover them with some nicer outer wood/decking cover and you then put cushions on for comfort.
I'm going to have to do some preparation before we can do that though, as need to flatten and create a base first, so probably buy some patio/flagstones and use those as the base for our new seating corner, get those level and act as a base to it all. Then build the palettes up to the right height for the seats and the backs.

After that, I'd also like to go for a chimnea or fire pit/table setup, but still cannot decide on which one to go for, several are available at supermarkets and look pretty good, I'm just undecided which one I'd like to have, possibly the fire pit as a centrepiece would work better.

That's the plan anyway! Anyone got any suggestions or ideas that would help? I'm going to start posting back on progress and the initial work so hopefully will build up an additional resource here on my blog for anyone else going to aim for a similar solution.