Wednesday 17 May 2017

Mattressnextday - delivery the day after @mattressnextday

You'd think a company advertising their name as would be able to deliver a Mattress the next day? (Obviously within certain rules, before x time cut-off, except bank holidays, weekends, etc).
So when I ordered a mattress on a Friday at 10am and when asked for delivery dates (specifically by their website) and I choose the following Tuesday, that you'd expect them to manage that delivery day?
The delivery time schedule was one of those horrible all day things, 8am-6pm so my wife duly waited in all day, it got to 4pm and still no sign which is usually a bad indication! Sure enough, no delivery at all.
I email and I've still not had a reply to this (Delivery was supposed to be Tuesday, almost end of Wednesday and not even a quick reply via email). But the mattress turns up Wednesday morning 08:50 without any warning! Luckily my wife was home and accepted the delivery, not even a sorry or any kind of message about being a day late!

Will keep waiting for the reply back from and see what they say.
I checked and is available to register, perhaps they should try that url instead?

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  1. Your delivery date was Tuesday and you got the mattress the next day. it says it right there on the domain name! :D


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